Now, Individuals with ASD and other Developmental Disorders can Enjoy a Day at Canada’s Wonderland!


Canada’s Wonderland

Spending time in the Greater Toronto Area this summer, and need to plan a fun day for your family, or client(s)? Why not consider Canada’s Wonderland? Canada’s Wonderland has a plethora of games, rides, and shows perfect for every age-range, and interest. They have also, “taken steps to be well-prepared to welcome and provide accommodations for all types of disabilities, including autism and related disorders.” The following list outlines some of the steps Canada’s Wonderland has made to make sure all peoples enjoy a day at the park:
• Announce your presence to Guest Services and they will give you a KidTrack wrist band, a map of the pack, disposable ear guards, and any other help you may need.
• The KidTrack program is a wrist band which assists in the reuniting group members if they become separated.
• Another suggestion is that you take pictures of all the members of your party, and keep them on your smartphone, just in case you get separated.
• There are air conditioned restaurants, restful attractions and quiet places which can provide a break from the sensory stimulation of an amusement park.
• Guests with a mobility impairment, or an Autism Spectrum Disorder receive a “Ride Boarding Pass,” with wait times.
• Their staff is trained, knowledgeable and eager to assist in any situation.
• The Parent Swap policy allows one parent to ride, while, “another parent waits with the child. When the ride is complete, the parents swap child responsibility at the exit.”

Canada’s Wonderland is a very safe summer destination for families and clients of all abilities and interests. “Our goal is to make your experience at the Park both smooth and full of family-fun.” So, why not enjoy a day at the GTA’s premiere amusement park?

Additional Resources

The following is a list of Additional Resources from Canada’s Wonderland.

• Complete information is available in the 2014 Guest Assistance Guide.
• To check height restrictions, be sure to download the 2014 Rider Height Guide.
• You can view and download Canada’s Wonderland’s rider safety guidelines for 2014 in the Ride Admission Policy Grid.
• The Autism Society has published a guide entitled, “How to Enjoy the Amusement Park”


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